Dandelion Dilemma

Vintage Words


Not so much the color,

golden yellow as forsythia

and spring's daffodils.

Not so much the greens

that are edible and high

in calcium. Not the thick

stem or the white feathery

seed delivery system. I

got the weed killer down

late. Yeah! That's it!







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sweetwater's picture

Sod the neighbours give me

Sod the neighbours give me dandelions any day :-) love their cheerful sunny disposition. loved this poem too, is there a tiny typo though-an 'N' sneaked into 'forsythia' cheeky little chap!  Sue.

allets's picture

Thank You Sue

I learn to spell the flowers I love. Tenacious flower, the dandelion. Defiant and fiesty lil life form. It perseveres. We can learn much from something we name a weed.