Vintage Words


Half the empathy was used up

by the time I arrived on the movie

set; open armed, open brained. 

It did me little to avail the scene

as if I was invisible to the rest

of the cast and stage crew.


A few saw glimpses of my art,

flashed fast over my talents, my

potential to contribute 

to the task of the next hour.

There was no way in. Doors

locked when I visited, all

doorbells were purposefully



Three decades passed, five,

a life of time trying to fit.

Belonging was a gallant dream,

a way to hope, to reach



Trouble was, most confident

faces feel like this; working to

avoid lonely. Suceeding means

bonding briefly or lastingly,.


There is always a possiblility,

tight sealed or not. Contact will

habitually be timed between crises.

Blood tells deeply that escape

is impossible. The finale becomes

something else. Everyone dies

in pain and alone. I crack

the programme and diacover that

the playbill is written in a

foreign language.







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