Yes, The Now


This moment,

the most


breathe it



Now is

the best

time for



Do not

wait for

it. Exhale

into the next







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Yes, The Now

Excellent Stella, I must remember that

Instead of being stuck in the has been.

Stay Blessed.

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The Lessons of Time

Wven the past ha a now once. So will the future. We all get mired in time, the past has relevance and nostalgia appeal. We make the future, stubbornly hard work. The mind recoils as it will from time to the me.- allets



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carefilled tears, never fears

carefilled tears, never fears of change

only reasons to remain the same

tasteless night, foul play in sight

favor the condition and know


my plight

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Thanks for the song lyric reply

0h! How musical and mellow. ~Stella~




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"Exhale into the next

"Exhale into the next now"...LOVE this!!! there's a certain cool rhythm to it.

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

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Gratitude To You

u made my week! :D - allets