Tag You're It


They went down for the count once

and swore never more. When it walks

from outside, they smile and rehearse

every version of no in their lexicon.

Tag. You're it.


There is a set of laws that govern

the art of information acquisition. If

perceived as a non-entity player, no

one sees you in your space and never

sees the absolutely invisible coming. To

be all in there or not is questionable.

Tag. What you got?


Humans learn fast that love and power

to charm are frequent flyers. Still,

to embrace and touch the heart as mind

and future is where a human's power abides

24 robins? Open the door. You are



A human knows what they want and how to wait

to know if or when to reach out and gently

coax it in with practiced feelers. Mapped

out, well planned, and cut with precision,

a human reels the desired inside. Game

over. Next?







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