Super Powers

Vintage Words


My muscles are so much bigger

than most arms and legs. My jets,

my ships are swifter than yours.

We want land, enormous resources,

and will grow far beyond our

crumbling barriers.


Our righteous people are an ancient

strong power, fluent in world economics,

science, creators of art. We are the very

best in every strategy; praised for our

prowess in sports and off shore accounts.


We will take back whatever was taken,

plant our might where we will, daring

any power broker to challenge our growth,

our empire rebuilding.


We have diamonds and oil, forest so vast

the world looks at our horizons awed.

Our historically valuable and illustrious

culture would improve any country's 

revisionist heritage, small or great,

rich or not.


Our people are watching, striving and

achieving excellence in every endeavor.

We are Russia and we strive to soon

become mother to the world.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Russian jets and helicopters are cat and mousing U. S. battle training maneuvers near their military bases. The Admirals are at a play In April 2016.



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