What A Child Knows

Vintage Words


A poor kid sees the world

through hugs and a warm bed,

running amid smiles, playing

inside laughter not knowing

the walls are crumbling

or the cupboard is mostly



Cereal for dinner is a feast

with five siblings and dad

beside mom. Unseen the tattered

clothes. The paint chipped chair

sits fine.


Later, when school teaches all

inequities, the idyllic illusion

dissolves into a muddy pool

of poverty's comparisons. The

kids grow up hard, eyes open,

as the wobbly chair and tattered

pillows tell the blistered

paint to lose comfort.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was blessed to have enough, later I saw too keenly the ravaged spirits trapped and disfigured by want. - allets -

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This hit me straight on

Hitok me straight on. Lovely down to earth



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From Time Betimes

I paint with a vivid stroke in reality's colors. Thnx 4 stoppin by, Bishy : ).