The Epic Gesture


Take a walk down memory street.

As soon as you are born, you begin

to die. From the first breath death

begins the feast and nature grants a

first breath. If you are luck's

offspring you will last exactly

one lifetime.


Encounters go well most days. Anticipate

the lover in your immediate future. Blink,

look away, or look back. Fall, if there

is space for falling. There is gravity

and there is what you are eternally



Windowed eyes are rich and sincere.

Swim strong, breathing to stay alive.

There is the stare you waited for since

your latest catastrophe. One look and

you forget what you know and wonder

who you were.


Speaking, tongue bound with rope,

hands teaching the world to fidget, 

until they say a simple declaration 

of intent to be with you for as long

as ever is.


Romance begins with hello and goes

on with a simple expectation of stars

that plummet and leaves that fall

like they never fell forever.








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