Vintage Words


Luvubg us very hard to see when

background comouflage has the same

texture and profile. Enter almost

invisible among the uneducated

and the powerless.


Sophistocated and demur registers

less as discrete than stuck-up.

Less pedestal seeking than sweating

the running of worlds. There can be

no reconciliation, no gap filler

bridge connecting polarized dots.


Early, after a hundred thousand

hours of reading, the five hundredth

exam aced, post sacrifice of life

time upon the altar of information,

accept your ability to spell and

breathe in a minum of six languages.


The masses have the bliss of ignorance

and slaughter verbiage like wantons,

curelessly. Poor of endeavor invisible

legacies shout down as too proud

those who selected so many volumes

from wisdom saturated shelves and read

them all from the first heavy covers to

last enlightened covers.







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