Wait Room

Vintage Words


Just when you got it right,

perfectly aligned, red lights 

flash stop and you must

cease as if arrested.


Never having been arrested,

discombobulation visits

the time senses. Not familiar

with waits or holds, the feet

stomp as if hooved with



Waiting is roomy, a slow motion

move of the the head recalculates

the rate until the reset. Calm

is the furniture in the wait space,

the air is aroma therapy dense

with fidgeting.


Nothing in motion was not the plan.

Waiting, the walls close in and you

try not to scream stop at them.







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bishu's picture

Nice to see your real self

I often wonder why writers don‘t put up real profiles. Anyway, I had a real face. Then I saw that most poets put other pics. This is what prompted me to take down my ugly face. Cauliflower is nice for now. As regards this piem, waiting time is boring. I always carry something to read.Be happy & well



allets's picture

I keep thinking

crocuses or daffodils would be better. This is me 2016. Thank you, Bish, for reading my work. Appreciation is warm.