Bunny Poem

Vintage Words


Looked in a shop window

a few hours ago. Saw a stuffed

animal bunny from the back.

Holiday appropriate, surrounded

by all things blue and pink

and cute for mothers and fathers

of new babies.


I was such a mom once, so

was my only daughter. But,

no matter how awe worthy,

so cuddly, and soft that store

window bunny is, it is a prop

to ignite joyous emotions

of new life celebrations 

that move and burp us into

sharper life-loving focus.


I did not buy the bunny.

Lots of them, wood carved,

stuffed, or terra cotta

live in boxes and chest 

in my closets already.







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Hope you had a nice Easters

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I Love These Eggs

Hard boiled? And beautiful! ~ Lady A