Dirt In Spring

Vintage Words



occurred last winter

in the dirt. Apart

from a warm autumn

a mild snowfall,

the soil rested

and enriched garden



Bulbs, not seen in some

time, broke like new

life from dark dirt as if 

from a fecund womb.


This will be a prize

year, the trees hum.

Green will give abeyance

to a wealth of dirt and grow

greener than any year



Something decomposed,

ordered by the dirt,

to be richer loam, better

fodder for earthworms.


Purple in the peripherals

shadow yellows tempted

by virgin white crocuses

in praise of the intimacies

of dirt readied to stain

the palms of spring.







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sweetwater's picture

A lovely poem, from a

A lovely poem, from a gardener's viewpoint perhaps? Greatly enjoyed.

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Jumbo Crocuses Are Great This Year

I can not clear away the leaves fast enough to keep up with the tulips and daffodils. My green thump is about to get dirty! I love to watch the blooms progress thru the warm months. Yay dirt! - allets