Love As A Constant State

Vintage Words


He yelled, "Stop that

and do not ever do that

again!" She just loved

him more. He ranted

about what needed fixing.


She screeched, "I did it

and I will do it again!" He

winced but loved her for

the volume. It still needed



Ranting is an art form when

howled as wisdom. Children

have not mastered the pure

rant, but I adore their efforts;

training for future love it








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don L. Lee said, "Don't Cry, Scream!"


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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

nice write!

i never thought about the art of ranting before, i guess i was always too fixated on each rant's content.  i will pay mire attention!!

allets's picture

SS Smoothie

introduced me to the postpoem tradition. Luv it! -Stella