Homo Sapien

Vintage Words


The dynamics in dichotomies

are blessings, whatever battle

lines are pre-drawn between faith

and definitions of ritual.


When goodness feels exquisitely

righteous, it becomes mostly a feel

lovely moment; then the ultimate bad

shows up, invisible as any

spiritual attribute.


Faith, levitating, yawns as fate 

balances beside despair mated

with Post-Modernist watercolor

chaos theorems. If that is not 

obscure enough or seems vague,

then, avowed to be absolutely pure

or not, dependent upon moral

stance, ecumenical endeavors,

or natural observation acuities,

your faith is more likely

asleep and unwakable.


Opposites rebel when the polarity 

is recalibrated. Truth spits out

more prevaricate fables than

an approximation of a straight

forward barefaced expletive. In 

this instance, belief is a little



Reference the true existentialist 

on sabatical seeking weaponry where

limitless imagination enforms and

devalues belief to the ultimate

reflection in an always cracking glass.

In such a maze, faith faulters

and nothing gets out.


Start with defining your favorite

lexiconography. Please end

with an annotated belief statement

or a manifesto of principles. In

this format, syllabi are useless.

If all fails, a simple penciled in

listing will substitute for a

permanent declaration of final



Either good is alive and well represented

or good is dead, mugged and murdered 

in the alleys of literary historical lies.

If dead, good may devolved from words

to live by into mythical status. Alternately,

acknowledgement that good is alive

presupposes moral intervention.


Good as often killed on martyred roods to be

later ressurected by fear, considerable

cowering, and improbable solutions. Anathema

inspired, like the planet, humans progressively 

and metaphorically kill all things good.


When opposites are the essence

of all arguments for good ever conceived.

inspiration becomes practical application

and the ultimate pantheon. Well then

there you have it. In the last choice 

slot, it comes up to what, and only

what, an individual homo sapien

decides. Or chooses not to decide,

good or no good.







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Daniel-59's picture

I don't know about some of

I don't know about some of them big words LOL
but heres My 2 1/2 cents worth

Religion & God's of My Ancestors
or at least what parts I know for sure , For I be a true Mutt !
Heinz 57 .
A Mixture of Anglo bloods I have running through My veins.

Germanic paganism .
A hand Me down from the Norsemen ( Vikings )
Wodan , Odin, Thor – known to the Germans as Donar

Celtic blood
Running mostly to Druidism
which is more of a spiritual path – a religion to some, a way of life to others ,
with rumors of Hum Maheo is known to be as their Divine God, Divine Creator, Great Spirit, or “Wise One Above45.”an sacrifices , Who knows I wasn't there .

Choctaw & Cherokee
Who both prayed to the Sun and honored the Moon
with many minor Deities

and the Cheyenne
Their Divine Creator, Great Spirit, or “Wise One Above.....
And Last but not least
Just God !
The Christians did away with The God's ???
No name just God
The One and Only God !!
So ? how'd that come about .... He / She Kill off all the rest ?
But wait God is all forgiving and a Peaceful God .
Well at least when there's no competition ?
There are No ! minor god's or any of that in Christianity Right ?
Nope Not Allowed......... But there's the Archangel Michael and Gabriel, God's special messenger...... So these two angels must be special....
And there's a boat load of right hand Men .
Moses , Noah, Joseph , Daniel , Bla bla bla
Then there's His Son Jesus , Who in anybodies book but Theirs would be at least ,Second in command ........ Mmmmm Demigod ?
What about the Pope ?
He supposedly the Closest thing to Jesus here in our world ....Demi Demigod ????
Bow and Kiss His Ass ......Whoops I Mean Ring ! There You're Forgiven !
WTF ???? Thought only God could do that .?

I guess the jest to all this for Me is , All My ancestors and relatives have prayed to one form or the other to Some God or Spirit and had Their Good Days and Bad ..... The good days the Good guy got the credit , The Bad day's ? well you get the point .
A Individual's Belief in Whatever Religion Is Not a bad thing in most cases .
Collectively ? Katy Bar The Door ! The Defecation is about to hit the rotary oscillator
" I love and treasure individuals as I meet them; I loathe and despise the groups they identify with and belong to" ~ George Carlin ~
More People have been Killed , Robbed , And Enslaved in the Name of Organized Crime ...... Whoops there I go again I meant Religion ( AKA God/Gods ) than ANYTHING ELSE !!!

Are The God's Dead ?
Well if They're God's Probably Not .........
So just off the top of My warped Mind that means one of three things.
1. They are dead and the all powerful than All thing was BULLSHIT !
2. We as a Whole Human Race quit believing in them ,So They quit believing in us ?
3. It's intermission and there All in the back room playing high stakes Poker

What I really Believe ?????

I Believe in the Good And Bad in All of Us .
The Trick is Not letting the Bad in Us out weigh The Good .
Something I Try to work on in One form or the other Everyday .
But I do have to admit when pushed by the Bad I have a tendency To become Equally Bad for as long as it takes to send them back to they're neighborhood or Hell which ever works out at the time

Hey what can I say ? I'm A Sinner .....Or Maybe just Human

~ D D ~

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

allets's picture

Let Me Gnaw On This

for a few days. -A-

I added a few bigger words. It was not sufficiently esoterically toned : )


Good and bad live in the camp of ethics, good and evil in morality's domain. Humans live in both, one over other, or none of the above.


Situational ethics rock! Situational morality reminds me of the 2016 presidential campaign  in the U.S.


I am Southern Christian Baptist born in the big mitten.

Aced four philosophy courses at a Catholic college- add in one non-Christian religion class and world culture and you have one jumbled belief system at work.  Pray a lot is my mechanism for coping. 


3 things r true:


1. God(s) are sexless and non-corporeal.


2. Miracles are a myth.


3. Real or not, I believe & I pray very hard.