A New Term

Vintage Words


There are cures for

chronic asthma and HIV

but pharmaceutical

megacorporations quash

their development and sale

because it would destroy

the lucrative distribution

of ineffective drugs they make

and sell to pill purchasers.


To honor this shameless 

practice, I am coining 

a new economic term:

Econimic Irony.







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Wherever there is money


Wherever there is money, there's a rock with corruption under it. Only now – these rocks are protected by law, and with no means to remedy the wider injustice – all we can do, is make a little circle of light for those we love – through self-education.

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We Can

elect officials who are not buyable (oh did I say that aloud). Because a practice is ubiquitous does not make it is totally unassailable. Trump is a case in point - voters are fed up, 1% of citizens with 90% of all u.s. wealth, and he keeps scoring on public opinion. No statesman, no political portfolio, he may not win over democratic voters, but they may stay home come November. Change in the u.s. tend to come with blood on it, sadly - Crews



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real power is behind the throne

The real power is and has always been – behind the throne.

Unfortunately, the problems we face are systematic and worldwide. Simply replacing a cog in a broken machine will accomplish nothing. The whole machine itself must be pitched into the furnace, and replaced. And let's say by some miracle, you actually accomplish that goal in some small corner of the globe. What then?

You still face hundreds of broken machines in all the other countries – because every one of those machines are riddled by the same pandemic disease. And each of these in turn, will need to be pitched into the furnace – and replaced by something new. And then what? How do you prevent those new machines from reverting to corruption – as is human nature? The only thing untried is an all-powerful central world government. And that's the next big thing coming down the pipe. But that comes with it's own Pandora’s Box.

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Down The Pike

I should have been born clairvoyant -- then I would be five time more insane...most world citizens do not see the big pix problems, being interestingly educated and struggling to survive or get ahead.


Closing our borders to trade and reinvesting in home-employment with industries for the 22nd Century with really nice paycheck and benefits will shake up those who have dosed off. We have monetary impact power. Putin is poor and China is killing the health of its people swiftly. Time to be great again. Time to be a hero nation and save ourselves and then our interests abroad. It is a tool not used recently. The biggest gun Policy has failed miserably and created retribution scenarios and really serious enemies. Time to make the chore run for bigger bullet's and lots of holsters, sheaths, and slings. I'm low on those.


I'm  just sayin - allets




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A New Term

Hello alleys it's a long clambering back, but

Worth every bit. Well they tell me their drugs

Are better than what Mother Earth has for us

That's so not true.


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Hey Milman!

It is great to hear from an old pen pal. Bless u 4 reading my writing :D allets 




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Good term. Couldn't have said

Good term. Couldn't have said it better myself. 

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I read

then write about what I gleaned in the undercurrents. True/false? The Shadow knows :D  ~allets~