Vintage Words


 A snippet will be better

than a slice of a moment captured

on paper, or film, or a digital

recording. An inch of words in a

poem trumps pages epic long, all

encompassed written testament of

whole biographies, or five hundred

thousand page sized tomes.


Condensed as in concise lines will

eventually over-rule garrulous

over-writes. Soon, attention span

in humans will make brevity








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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

love it!

the essence of haiku is brevity :) your last line made me laugh :)

allets's picture

Fast Fast Fast Gasp

Pausing from time to time slows down the personal clock. Nothing can slow down the Millennials! :D - allets



sweetwater's picture

Gosh yes, I fully agree with

Gosh yes, I fully agree with you, attention spans are slipping, even my own at times. I thought at first it was just age but I am ever more convinced it is the brevity of everything, this silly 'text speak'  that means nothing, the lazy speach as in 'Yo' instead of hello.  And of course channel hopping while on the phone or computer, getting use to never settling to anything anymore. Its concerning for future generations.  I loved the layout it makes one literally read from top to bottom, with no stopping.

allets's picture

Assuredly, Speed Is The New Value

thank you for the thoughtful comment, sweetwater ~allets~