Breaking Oaths


Oaths were created to bind

the soul in barbed wire,

restricting movement of

the mind onto forbidden



Commitment is for doing

not promising. A human's

promise morphs when

vows make for strange



Say and do, do and tell

is best. Vows lock the spirit

inside the seemingly

unbreakable. Bad premise.


To not lie is better. Then

no one has to reach any truth

by crossing a junkyard

of jagged edged vow









Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one reminds me of SSmoothie's in  yr  face writes - slc :D

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Well damn I'm in a quandary

Well damn I'm in a quandary here .
 a vow sworn to the gods was more powerful than any law ?
I guess maybe ? 
If you believed in a god strong enough?
There are People Who must Believe  as seen by some blowing themselves up killing innocent people , the so called enemies of their God ! 

Nope No Vows To A God For Me 

Living openly and honestly is true freedom. Vows cage the spirit. 
I Agree up to a point'

I have made My Vow and am still living up to it even if the other party is not And I swore a Oath to Uphold the Constitution I will go to My Grave doing so 

But It has been said I'm a Dinosaur ?

I just don't give out promises  Cheaply 

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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I Feel Controversial


Thanks. It has been a while! Vows to defend ideas or to be faithful determines character. In search of a nihilist space, I am, existentially yours, unsuccessfully. To not believe in the box is the point; to rebuild the world view, a clean slate may help construct systems of every ilk and serve as a place to recreate something different or new or better. I'm jus' sayin'. 

(Speaking, of course, as one Tyranosaurus Rex to a Velociraptor) ;D





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like hope,

i think we have to agree to disagree.  marriage vows are only one kind of vow.  consider also the vow of silence.  in ancient celtic culture (still evident in fairy tales) a vow sworn to the gods was more powerful than any law and numerous tales told of what befell the unfortunates tricked into breaking a vow.


a vow is an opportunity to exercise self control and determination, and it will show you things about yourself.  our culture does not take vows seriously. most new years resolutions last a few hours, and how many people really make it through lent without cheating?


a vow is only as useful as you make it.  the trick is to know yourself well enough to make a vow you can possibly keep, and then to make that vow a priority for yourself, for your own self image.  for your honor.  

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Is the keyword. YES! One's honor and what one honors is where I hoped this poem concluded. Vows are more sacred than prayers or holy text. If not practiced and kept, how can you find or earn trust and loyalty. Polarization in this context is an interesting word.