Should The Sea Rise

Vintage Words


I will build you

a boat and we

will migrate

together higher,

should the sea



If the crops fail

I will create you

a greenhouse 

and feed us, if

the ocean rises.


It is, or once was,

in our evolved blood

to survive. We

will. Only inside

different and equally

wondrous times, if

should come the hell

of high water. 







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sweetwater's picture

lovely poem, full of hope and

lovely poem, full of hope and pioneering spirit, love the first verse especially. :-)

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In The News

lots of bad reports but eventually pondering solutions emerges, and hope always. ~allets ~



bishu's picture

Good piece of poetry

An ark in 2016



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Whatever it takes

to survive and have fun. 2060 New Years may be a mountain peak by then. Ha! ;D.  allets 


ps kiss R for me, honorary grandma