Vintage Words


During the tough times it

is hard to dream. Sleep is

paramount to create dreamscapes

which is interesting.


Outside the front windows,

thousands walk by sleepless.

Not dreamers, they move head down.



Sun rises. Sun sets. Dreams

float to be captured but, 

interestingly, are not. Wake

to remember the dream, but first

sleep to engender interest.






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AndrewProut's picture

This is great

Songs are hard to write.  You can't use big words with a lot of sylables and it really limits you.  Thank you for sharing.  I really enjoyed it.  Maybe you could read some of my stuff and tell me what you think?  You don't have to, but I would be thrilled if you did.  Thanks.

allets's picture

Reading Your Writes

Like! Rereadable work. Nice! - allets-