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At an early hour I

contemplate mortality.

I believe I am ready

in what ready means,

in what what eventual



A lengthy gaze behind

goes farther than the distance

marked go. A life lived well

still dies.


Ready lives is in solid motives.

The past was a challenge lived in

how, in the way in which why lived

in how and in which when survived

as where.


Good is and will always be

relative. Greatness happened

unrecognized. Awe, like humility

as a view port, was norm most

hours awake. Dreams were for

ego vacations, rare or



I intend to contemplate mortality

a while longer. Transparency as

the glass portal out of now. I will

stand here a while longer and contemplate

the subtle pull from the infinite.







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A lengthy gaze behind goes

A lengthy gaze

behind goes farther

than the distance

marked go.

I like this line . may have to put a Trashcan poet twist to it sometime 

when I was younger I thought I was the baddest of the Bad ! or at least the top 5 . I was winning every fight I fought ,but in the back of My mind I could hear My grandfathers voice ..... Boy Someday you're going to find out even the toughest Fall Sometime .... It wasn't to long after that a guy who was scared Shot Me ! Talk about a let down . What The Hell I'm Mortal ! 

18 day's in the Hospital you have time to reflect  ..... The Key is to learn from it , Which I did not at least not till years later and a shit load of scares and and a couple more escapades involving dodging bullets 

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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The Trashcan Twist

Sounds like a new dance.  Millennials wouldn't dig on that. ;D ~(:>)-



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"I feel a subtle pull from

"I feel a subtle pull from the infinite" 

liked that line a lot. Contemplating mortality, I think beyond to the infinite. Just not ready for forever to never end. I guess that's the upside of mortal.


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Upside Of Mortal

Extracting oxygen 

from near clean

air is a mortal action.


Shit happens

but mortally speaking

to pee or fart

is to live.


No pearly gate

seen on the horizon?

You're still this side

of mortal.


Stella L. Crewa