Coins In A Fountain

Vintage Words


Glistening quarter,

lovely penny, coins

under rill-like water

calling to visiting

life forms.


Such a nice nickle

to supplement 

the dime, coins

fill the mind

with desires.


In time, the order

will be given

to take you away.

Does the gleaner

get the wishes

when the coins

are collected?


Or, at reaping,

do all the wishes

come true?







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

beautiful, innocent.

it makes me wonder where the coins go.  does the coin collector lose a wish for each coin he takes?


my family has a very specific tradition for wishing at wells and fountains.  you must sit on the edge of the fountain with your back to the water and make your wish while throwing the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.  (i guess it's similar to throwing salt over your left shoulder when you spill it).  

allets's picture

The Next Wishing Well

I will throw coins over my left shoulder too. :D Thanks for stopping by - slc