Winter Garden

Vintage Words


Then I glanced outside

to check for rain

or snow and found

brown stalks and a few

leaves that fell late.

They winked back.


Come spring a rake

will unveil earth again,

clippers will trim neatly,

and when I glance

outside to check

for rain or sunshine,

green will look

back, instead of brown,

and grin.







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jg439271's picture

Beautiful!!! :)

Beautiful!!! :)

Matthew 7:14

The Narrow Gate

allets's picture

Thanks Loads

every once in a while ~(:D)-  allets 



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Green shooting vegetation has

Green shooting vegetation has its merit. But ripened fruits when fermented, often yield intoxications never found in dew-covered grasses – whether clipped – or unclipped.

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This is true

Still, fermented fruit is not a Spring harbinger. Plz pass the Merlot :D 



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Good write

Something to look forward to...

Let your teeth show

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Rose Petals

I dream of them! Hope we have a great growing season.