Sour Grapes


How many hours

are wasted

on idle speculation,

machination, or wasted

with worry? Such grapes

sour easily.



self-indignation, fault

finding, and peevishness

are time ill spent.


Get a ladder. The taste

is fine. Praise, uplift, or

rally joy but find the sweetness

that is a cure for grapes gone








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Tis true

Be positive.

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Every life is precious and entitled to some happy - even a lil bit from time to time. I like the idea of lots of happy all day 24/7, but I am irrational when it comes to joy



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Joy is the height of


Joy is the height of irrationality – for we have no control over it. Yet when it blooms, there is no greater gift. But 24 hour joy would be as if, all the mountains sunk beneath the sea. There would be no majestic high points, nor any soul consoling low points. And life would be as dull as a woman in bed with no laughter.

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24/7 Joy


Like an ocean

of icecream,

sweet refreshment

until the breath



Or a place

where elders go

having been

everywhere else.




Happy Valentine's Day!