Mixed Salad

Vintage Words


Start with a dash of salt

but only a small dash

for your blood's sake,

then a kiss to sweeten

the content.


Next, one clove of hugs,

lots of leafy green mirth,

tomatoes long marinated

in contentment, and a dollop

of mayonaised glee.


Smile while adding affirmation,

grin as the chopped up bits

of joy go in. Tear away only

the cucumber seeds but include

a smidgeon of ripened grapes cut in

exuberantly georgeous halves.


Almost done, the mix is tossed

and topped with albacore,

the tuna made tangy with

a touch of vinegrette. Serve

with hot fun, cool water,

and a marvelously smug shake

of pleasant personalitied








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There is a slow-fuse method

There is a slow-fuse method to your methodology. I am slowly discovering your cadence of tossing a salad, and the subtle undercurrents.

One of my favourite summer salads is this... vine-ripened tomatoes fresh from your own garden, mixed with fresh basil and thinly sliced garlic, with fresh mozzarella chunked in, marinated in Balsamic vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with freshly cracked black pepper and a dash of Celtic Sea Salt – left in a bowl to infuse together overnight in a cold corner of the refrigerator.

It goes beautifully with a rare flame-grilled steak and a bottle of wine, the next day. And has other delicious and surprising uses.