And Love

Vintage Words


We come arms open

to share ourselves

with each other, and

there is trust, and

there is respect, and



A poet's life is different

but some will say there

is none, but we know

and we share, and we

write, and delve deeply.


Mostly, we come without

a sigh or reservations. There

is respect, and celebration,

and excellent creativity,

tons of topics explored,

mutual admiration,

and love.







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Wonderful poem such lovely

Wonderful poem such lovely sentiments.  Seeing your new picture of parchment and quill reminded me of dear Carl Vance, who wrote such beatiful words, on here and elsewhere, and helped me so much to find my writing confidence, and also became a friend on f book.  Reading your verses here would be a fitting tribute to him. I miss him greatly. Sue.

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To Keep Posting

that makes poetry writing fun. Confidence is aces! Be proligic. I worked on novel editing 4 eight hours today. Felt great! Peace - allets