Green Velvet

Vintage Words


Touch is the fingertips

against soft green telling

the hand to move over

the surface like wind

over water.


There, beneath the senses

a memory of nights inside

warm and safe covers.


Nothing seems fair in the space

of swirling finger tracks left

on a cavas of green velvet.






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Nice, A! Now I wanna run my

Nice, A! Now I wanna run my fingers across velvet 

Copyright © morningglory

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find some, yours, somebody else's. Just reach out and feel!



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Found it in the blanket

Found it in the blanket wrapped around me. :) now I'm gonna slip off to sleep... 

Copyright © morningglory

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Pleasant Slumber

Be warm- allets



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This is so lovely, made me

This is so lovely, made me think of someone very special to me, and being wrapped in his arms for one magical night, but can only remain my dream. And the longing goes ever on. Superb write :-) Sue.

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Surrounded by velour throws

To combat winter. this poem is warmth found and celebrated. Like hugs? Oh yes. - allets



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Left me feeling wrapped in

Left me feeling wrapped in green velvet..cozy. Great write. 

Let your teeth show

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I Offer A Poem About

what makes us feel warm-fuzzies inside - glad to give you "cozy" - best wishes and warmth, Stella