Blue On Monday

Vintage Words


Tuesday left town last week 
and will not return until Wednesday, 
even though Wednesday is booked solid

Friday had a date and fell in love
so Thursday stepped up to cover
twenty four hours. 


Saturday is reserved for rest,

Sunday for faith, so all that is

left for poets is Monday. Grace

remains the label for the child of

Mondays. So much for the rain, still

sunrise is promised with a woe

filled moon.

Monday’s sunset will be much improved.

Later in the week, chores are about 

to spin. Most of Monday is a washout; 

a lost game of mark offs in dreary





Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Bishu's blue Monday - :S

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bishu's picture

Yeah... Mondays are awful :(

.. very nice read Respected Lady Stella #HappyThursday#



allets's picture

Thanks Bish For Happy Thursday!

Snowed here today. Just a dusting though. Ordered some flowers and more hosta today 50% off sale - couldn't resist - tried and failed. Happy Friday too! - apoetoutoftimebutcontent