Imagine This

Vintage Words


And the old woman said to Brad Pitt as Death, in the movie, Joe Black, "...We mostly lonely here too..."



The greatest imagination brings

all kinds of fake company when the

room is dark and the world quiets

to almost muted. Stillness can

bless such moments. Quiet has skill

to truely become a better companion

when there is no one else around.


I am my own best friend. I keep my

secrets. I tell them all without

fear of being outted. I walk with myself

and feel whatever joy the world offers; 

the free stuff, the god-sends, the

shear oyousness of inhaling

and exhaling.


I tell myself betimes that this will

not last always, like the spritual says.

But now, is the best time and the past,

an old dance partner, is benched. What

it is, simply is.


Friendship is a mirror distant

when you are your own best buddy. Or

until you can no longer look in mirrors.

Sing the song of me and all that I am.

What used to be is gone. What was, was.






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