Getting Old

Vintage Words


Aging is not so bad. Can't see

so hot and walking needs real

concentration. Moles are out

of control. So many wonderful

things to be scanned, poked at,

asked about. When was your last

bowel movement and what was

the outcome? Things you thought

you would never discuss with

anyone you have to tell your witch



Over sixty? Time for the colonoscopy.

There is no getting around it, so

accept that you have polyps growing

where the sun don't shine and they

are linked to colon cancer (basically

more cysts too small to remove) and out

is better than in. Suck it up, hold

your breath, and give up those little

death certainties.


Growing old, of itself, is not so bad.

Gray hair does not have the texture

of real hair though. When the fingers

get stiff and you can't type and the toes

decide living without toenails is a thing,

then you have arrived. A gallon

of water a day is especially nice. I can

get down 32 ounces daily. It's the new

64 ounce gallon. I wish you a happy

declining years period.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you are 72 and in perfect health, I want 2 B U! :D

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