Open Door Policy


I used to go like this: Steps

on the porch, feet moving

to the door as one pair

or several. A doorbell, or

a knock. Both were equally

effective for bringing me

to answer.


Now, I am less open, less

trusting as I am at home alone

more than ever before in my

history. So first the peek

through the blinds to proove

the guests are mine, and if not,

standing behind the locked

glass external door with

questions is the reply.


Jehovah's Witnesses are fine,

the UPS guys in their spiffy

trucks and uniforms needing

signatures, okay. Drop ins from next

door or across the street

are smile admitted.


Anyone else has to be worthy

of my opening the door. Unknowns

and iffy relatives. It is my policy

to screen for riff and be on my

guard for raff which also protects

them from me if they come

calling with evil intentions.







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