Easily Inside

Vintage Words


That fence was not there

during the get-away before.

The latch was rusted

and it was not hard

to melt the big lock.

I grabbed what I could

get in my satchel

before the po-po showed.


Gloved, they will not

connect me to my priors

or vacations behind walls

with unmeltable locks.

Hooded, no one will

identify me. But that fence

that was not there

before. Bam!


It went down hard. My

normal route to escape

after the party store

run, the boarded up,

the barricades all fell

to my need, but that



Almost unconscious

from the blind collision

with a thick wood-attempt

to stop me, I fell atop

the thick beams, shook

off pain and shock, then

started running, slow

then limping but faster,

planning a new escape










Author's Notes/Comments: 

True story. I lived for 19 years at a house behind a party store - and my yard for years was the escape route so we put up a fence and they knocked it down, we only imagined while running. Talk about territorial. Hmmmm :D slc

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