The Agist

Vintage Words


I do not feel that anyone over 65

is capable of singing my tune. I,

afterall, am young and perfect

and will be wealthy by age 48, so

you can not work here.


Sharp profile view, front clean

shot, and no gray in the rear

prospectus is that with which

I wish to be surrounded. Gray

is for winter cloud cover, for

metallic gun barrels.


Which is worse? Sexism, racism,

or agism? No matter your sex

or race, one day you will be 78

on a pension and want to make

extra cash. It would be nice

if the option was open. Senior

folk should be allowed to make

as much money tax free as they

are able, having already paid

way too many dues.


Please apply elsewhere. Next!







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

it's their loss

only an idiot would refuse a prospective employee with a lifetime of experience.