Vintage Words


At both ends of the gridiron

giant H's like sentinels oversee

the gamesters, players,

and referees awaiting a moment,

crowd cheering, to suddenly

be useful.


Happy harlequin hippos

haul their haunches heavily

heeding the hearald who

has the herd headed

for extinction.


Something a gentlewoman

should not know; the

street name for Heroine.



Insert here your favorite

word beginning with H.

Mine is Heaven and not

the other H word.










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happiness, heart.  least favorite:  hope (feel free to disagree!!) cuz i'm a little weird :)

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A diamond

a chest

an anticipated


a female name

a commedian's

last name.

weird? Naw!





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that is my favorite h word

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No Place Close To It

For me, after Heaven, definitely Home :D



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Huffing & puffing thru life's frentic maze


Huffing & puffing

To lift the gravestone

To come out

and see the winter sun

Why not stay under

and have some fun

with the wriggly worms

Burrowing the nose,ears

This aint my worst fears

I fear where I'll end up

By then I'll know what is I

Up from this world I'll fly

Into the bluest of blue sky

What if it is night >>>>???

I'll reverse fly

to the other side

What if there's a blizzard ?

Should I pray to God ?

Wonder if God'll be seen

Dreams I have seen



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Heaven Visions

Beyond our control after the Reaper shows up. What it is is what it will be like - you sound ready to do battle. See you in 2060 - Stella