Me & Mine

Vintage Words


One of the reasons there are so

many poor people is that there are

so many billionaires in the U.S.

and across the globe.


Me, I am a dictator posing

as an elected official, but I admit

I used my armed soldiers to help me

at the polls. I control all of the

foreign aid and consider it my

personal wealth.


Mine is the target for my favor,

my way of distributing the best that

the world can produce and sell to them.

The tall buildings are mine as is

the pollution, but we own the rights

to the best health care and have

oxygen plants if the air gets too

thick with toxic chemicals.


Me and mine have a fleet of jets

to take us away from any danger that

might occur here or anywhere. You

and yours, I wish you luck. I have

no time for you. I do not think about

you and yours. Only me.

And mine.







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