Vintage Words

When warriors weep

we wonder where the war

was. Within the world

where women won't wait

or where a fatal wound

works woe?


Perhaps the field spreads

out on reddened weeds when

the shooting is over

and different battles,

impossible for civilians to

see, come out of the walls.






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ou find after the fire fights

You find after the fire fights are over
and they send you home telling you you'er a civilian now
forget everything you were taught
yea right !
How the Hell do you do that ?
Job application What do you do best ?
apparently Killing People and Blowing things up
is not the right answer

when you're in any type of fight
civilian or not
"IF" you're good you don't think about it
you just react
thinking will get you killed

in the civilian world that's all you do
Think !
where you've been
what you've done
were we right
were we wrong
got skeletons left in the desert
got ghosts haunting my mind
an demon's cheering me on

that does not bother me half as much
a the fact I'll never fit in again
an all the pain that comes with
losing people you love
cause no matter how much you want to
or how hard you try you never quit fit in
the man up stairs is once again
beating his wife
I guess beating his ass and throwing him over the
railing is the wrong answer
who knew ?
judge says that's not right
pay us money
an talk to a psychologist who's got NO CLUE !
don't do it again
I thought I was nice
I let him live
in the other world it would have been
a double tap to the chest
one in the head
Problem Solved

psychologist say's I've got to conform
i've tried hard to' I've prayed to gods that
don't exist
I've tried to walk away but half way there i turn around
cause this isn't right
I can't take watching the strong preying on the weak
if i don't do this fast then run
Hello your Honor
yes it's Me again

they now know I'm getting old
they laugh an say old man you're slowing down
you better go set on the porch
Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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u gonna post this as a poem? Powerful reality well capped with the last line. As they used to say in the fifties: that's sayin' a bunch! - Stella



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never thought about it I was

never thought about it I was just answering the question 

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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When words are expressed with that much

vim and vitriolic, poetry just oozes from its pores. Another good one for stars & Stripes. Bravo! S


You Find After The Firefights

is a great title! ~allets~