Shut The Noise!

Vintage Words


Shut the noise is like what the heck,

only with more emphasis and closer

to an exclamation of joyous surprise

than a demand for explanation

of causation.


Anticipated, but not really expected

so soon, a loud voice enters the head

and lives there without permission.

You know how vehemently unaccustomed

I am to waves of sassy singing invading

my personal spaces. Acknowlement

of the truth, in acceptance and contentment,

I say, "Shut the noise!"


I would not have believed it possible.

Was that thunder or excitement? Assurely,

I have been walking outside. I come in

and have to ask, "Who’s making all  this

noise in here?" Oh, a celebration.

Shut the noise!


Close the windows It's those robins

again. Usually, bad on the ears. This

sounds too much like hope and smiles.

Optimism in a decibel, celebration

in a few seconds of shouting disruption.

Shut the noise!


Lock all of the doors. Too much happiness

is like an infectious pandemic; rampant

and out of control. It is all true and you

may believe what is being said. In reply,

I simply say, "Shut the noise!"






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Shut The Noise!

An exclamation in ebonics that says: "I don't believe it!" or "You're shittin' me!" Like quietiskept, shut the noise is an affirmation, a congratulatory expression, a black idiom that makes me smile ~(:D )- :S