Unkind & Unliked

Vintage Words


Inevitably, you turn the back

on opportune moments as if there

were no better response. Later,

there is no room for regret,

just reflection.


The chance to be loved is always

available in most collisions

of one human with another human.

We make choices and usually

we chose wrong.







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As far as Moral laws go

As far as Moral laws go I don't think I've ever consciously made the wrong choice, I just dealt with the cards given Me and went on......

Now with the Laws of Man and they're interpretations of whatever God that's scratched His way to the top for a moment in the cosmic clock. Yes I have definitely made the wrong choices consciously and sometimes Proudly. many times I've heard My Ancestors Cry out in rage at the injustices done to fellow men
I've also heard they're tears fall for not many care any more.
I do what I do and care not if it's right buy the written laws of Men
I know there's a higher force out there But I'll be damned if I know If it's name is God I give it no name It's just a feeling of what I think is wright or wrong   

~ D D ~ Your Poet Warrior 

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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What We Make

Ultimately, we are what we believe and what we know. Without knowing yes, there can not exist a no. Dark/light, right/wrong, good/evil. We know all of it having lived inside both sides of these supposed opposites.The waters get murky, the definitions fail in the demands for absolute truth. Poets struggle with it. Sometimes we come close to a yes, but no is so much easier. - Stella