Quietiskept One

Vintage Words


They are gone. Most of them. The

loud ones, the jokesters who

do not take your words for their

meritoriousness. Time to suit up,

remove the wrinkles as if an iron,

hot & steam set, runs over the

shirt with your name on it. Kept.


Restore the energies drained like

water off Niagara, like flood waters

from the rooftops of St. Louis, or

the overly rain risen streets

of New Orleans. It is not easy

to become an embankment or a dam.

Be anything that holds back

the large and voluminous. Hold it

in your palm. Read it like a

fortune. Restoration comes like

the next holiday, but not for

very long, quietiskept.








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schmuckjones's picture

Awesome Stella

Read them all.  Please excuse my brevity.  My mind is perplexed most of the time trying to figure out what to say.  I hope anything will do.  I wish you very well.  :)    

allets's picture

Definition of A Poet

One in a perplexed state trying to figure out what to say. Love it. You could not have said it better. Hugs xoxoxo :D slc