The Wild Wild Western

Vintage Words


Replete with six shooters

and ponchos, unnamed strangers

who never miss. Let's have

a round of applause for

The Loop Garu Kid.


Dodge to Dogwood, Abiline

to Carson City. Anyone

seen Calamity lately.

Wild Bill Hickcok works

his way into all the stories.


Anyone remember

Bat Masterson? Johnny

Yuma? Yancy Derringer?

Didn't think so.







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9inety's picture

hey you

don't forget Clint and the

Spaghetti  Westerns

I can almost hear songs right now...



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

allets's picture

Hey Hey

He' the man (stranger) with no name, always in a poncho, couldn't forget C.E. But I heard his name in one of the later ones. Sergio Leone created the music - I can hear it too; haunting and a most excellent fit. Clint (old Dirty Harry himself) rocks!- :S do you remember Paladin and Cheyenne Body, Sugar Foot, and Matt Dillan? Every day after school, one of 'em. Maverick, The Rifleman, and Rawhide. I was a big fan of Westerns. :D