Extending Longevity

Vintage Words


She actually asked if I would allow

her to read my entire work in manuscript

form. Who does that?


Pen pal of mine, I condone your

spirit, but I suspect your motives that

came at me hard and way too cool.


I will copyright  first, then consider

your request. I will charge you for postage

in advance because I know how

to make money from poetry.


Anonymity has its virtues. It’s quiet.

and I, when I my quietus makes,

shall monitor my descendents who

have access to materials to help me

continue to sing.


Lamentations are cries accompanied

by rending cloth, yet from the grave I

will continue to send ghost-like

messages in steamed mirrors that will

live there  in perpetuity to remain

in print by any media necessary.







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that sounds suspicious.  don't forget to mail urself a copy, too.  the old poor man's copyright  ;)

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Still, the Library of Congress is in my future. Again!- allets