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Even time has it limitations. Not enough.

Too many seconds to wait for the start

pulls a lot of folks off sides. Time is a growing

weed in the fabric of some continuum or other.

This needs clarification.


What is needed is a way to put more letters

on the face of clocks. Name them Grandmother

clocks with A for 12.  L would no longer

be 50 and everyone would be confused for a while,

like converting to metrics.


More regimentation is needed to get everyone

realigned with the new way of time telling. Stand

still before the new model in a department store,

let it sink in, then whip out the cash.


This is no time to keep the hands calmly

at the sides of your body. Move, dadburnit!

Trust me. The sky will still be the bluest

of blues in summer and the clouds the grayest

of grays in winter with the time change, not

too far out of our range, and we can live

with our descendents lauding our invention,

less than but not equal to catalytic converters.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I enjoyed re-reading this one. It brought a smile and smiles are my thing these days :D


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