I Must Be Selfish

Vintage Words


Selfishness is defined by me as
self interest over other's

self interest. Works for  me

most of the time too. A virtue,
allowing the psyche to knit

and heal, recombine and 

rejuevenate, get grounded 

and...well, you get the idea.

If not selfish, things would not
get accomplished timely or untimely. 
If self did not come first, the self

may not have survived  to declare

"How selfish of me!" and then go

on an egotiscal binge.

Laughing angrily is a lot like laughing

hysterically and with the whole body in a

great guffaw of personal agrandisement.

This self made model is the best, but 

medicine bottled laughter feels good

and is better than listening to comedians.
Take care of me first always. That must

be my motto. I was taught by Phd nuns

and Masters with a penchant for me firstdom.

It works when the times are lean or low,

self-elevation raises the tone, heightens

the mood nicely. I glance over my shoulder

and send a message: "I caught that cold

from you." 






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