When Writers Dance

Vintage Words


What possible conditions cause a

writer to dance? I am not complaining

or applauding, I am speculating. Deeply

implanted in the psyche, a scream emerges,

“That is who I am!"


Writers dance in an art form lost for

centuries. Novelist dream of recreating

the steps, poets approximate it well.

Usually, it is the overly choreographed

exposition unprepared to counter



Literary endeavors are concluded at sunset.

At sunrise, the editorial process changes

everything. Rhetoric leans back, prosody

steps to the forefront like animals penned

and waiting to be executed.


The final manuscript will resemble nothing

originally envisioned by the writer. Muses

interfere, small items from the past intrude,

a better way of saying is the biggest interloper.

A chorus in the background is chanting

the same verse endlessly, "Death rattles

life rattles back." 


How many works of the pen are buried in

the endless gifts of the poet’s footwork?

Up from unexplored routines showing up

as reworked and called originality. Such

arrangements belong in the realms of

the macabre materialized as if a spell

unloosed them from dog-eared dusty








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