Beginnings Of Snow Falling

Vintage Words


Looking out the kitchen window I

saw a dot appear upon the air

and continuing to stare more

appeared. To be witness to falling

when the view was clean moments

before has merit and a modicum

of meaning.


Eye witness to my living

between the ticks of the clock

is one thing. To have a running

account stored permanently

in the brain for every word

learned and used, every skill

coded and shelved like books

in the stacks is that

one thing.


Yet, something is to be said

for encountering the beginning

as a beginning. Endings are solid

accidents that occur when least

expected. Memorable closures

are recalled often over the fast

decades for their abrupt stoppages. 

Starting is a new life, a birth of

novel ilk. Whether snow falling

or a new idea; both are ultimately

blessed with utility.


Time is hungered, nourishable matter

knowing anything's initiation. Time

knows the point where the indefinable

it exactly happens. Eventually, the snow

will stop falling; the last dot on

the air  striking the warm ground

and dying or joining interlocking layers

in one last swan like witnessed landing.

Meaning is found in abundance because

beginnings are like endings. Someone

has to be the first.







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