Discipline's Lair

Vintage Words


Control comes from stoic sources practiced

for a lifetime, ensconced in autonomics

like breathing. Interiors host darkness

where death lives, but it stays indoors most

of the time. Death's rule has nothing to do

with discipline so please do not ask for any

of my stuff when I succumb.


If no one died, the world would overcrowd.

Hysteria in the less prepared would result 

in panic and embarrassment. I do not want

to end by dying in winter alone. Summer

or Spring are months for poets to buy

their farms.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

you excel

at your chosen craft.  if the world misses your best works, then it's the world's loss.  

allets's picture

Humbly Received

Your compliment sinks deep to places in my soul rarely visited. You R 2 kind - Stella