The Origin Of Words

Vintage Words


Is this the right setting?

Must I now give ground over

to emotion that pretends

that are can be expressed.


Sharpened pencils are not

a remedy. Quills are an idea

who's time has passed but

returned again briefly as a



Writing as a philosophy is hard

on the blank page, a notepad, or a

new screen. Restaurant napkins had

potential. The intention is to 

continue tethered to the bard's

middle finger.


Words appear. We are not particular

what the sun is doing or what the sky

is doing. Poetry is born underneath

clear skies with the moon watching. The

best verses are born while wandering

around beneath a downpouring of rain

without an umbrella.







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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

i like this whole series

it's like poetry by poets and for poets, it's wisdom for writers.

allets's picture

Thanks For Getting This Poem

I call 'em process poems, writing about writing. I kinda like the series too - :S




Daniel-59's picture

Poetry is born in clear

Poetry is born

in clear skies, but the best verse

inters the world of reading

from wandering around beneath

a downpouring of rain.

I've spent what seems a life time 

in a world of gray an poring rain 

but then agin I'm no stranger to pain 

~ D D ~

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

allets's picture

Thank You So Very Very

for the empathy. Imagining a life pain free is a bad throw of the die. My brother was married 50 years to one woman. She is sadness personified. The rain can be cruel. - :S