Reality Checked

Vintage Words


I know my job is done

when I turn off my computer

and rush out screaming. A

good session in ego therapy

must end with primordial



I sit down on the park bench

and think it through. I could allow

such thoughts to evaporate, but

the park is near empty and there

is so little here. To erase rapid

ideas would be literary suicide.


Otherwise, there is nothing real

to think about. Imagery tells me what

to think and these wildflowers

and Thuja evergreens are not

sufficiently inspiring.


Eventually, I chug itand go

back to tie-in using whatever codes

are necessary for access. I will

again write down more nonsence hoping

insanity does not last long.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too much writing makes the world hazy. - slc

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can't decide if the beginning or the ending is funnier.  made me smile :)

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I Have A Life

but it got cold outside, so I am on a write-run, but it will fade and take rationality with it for a while. I'll be back. I always come back when I can see and think and move my fingers again. Made me smile as I wrote it. - :S