Brain Transcription

Vintage Words


For some, a bit of bread

means a day without hunger

at the beginning until the bread

is gone and hunger begins

to sing again.


Sustenance is a catchy tune a

lifelong view if tasted correctly.

That is what it means, creativity.

To be alive with a few reverences

and a syllabus of references.


Opinions abound from the paladin

model. Mostly, this is a reminder

that I have for you and a wish

for changing your life. I have a few

acquaintances, a family, some strangers

with day by day income, who

have everything to say and nothing

to do to own such wisdom.


To do is not a verb for most people.

To talk is their best mode of expressing

their brilliance. A lot like poets, only

less informed. After all, it is just air

and ink or overworked ideas.


Such traipsing leaves you riding

homeward on unsatisfying thoughts

as miscreant thinking, a notion

that sticks to the attention like

glue on glue. Now write it down

quickly. It is only in this way

that your brain can be accurately









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