January Blue

Vintage Words


Let the tides come in and take

away this feeling of ennui

or some great gust, winter sent,

carry away lethargy. Perhaps

then my sadness will end,

less loss can begin, without

leaving much of a scar.


Let currents rush and churn

sentiment born harm out to sea

as if they were eddies with gentle

hands wiping off sorrow, swiping

despondency clear of these shores 

to anywhere but here.


Let fall frozen water melt and echo

my tears that shiver down cheeks

in a stream. As if a creek bed over

ran doubt, drowning blue emotions

trapped in strong nets. It is said

warmth comes after waking from

dreams. So why is my pillow

still wet.


Let hot breath thaw icy inertia. Let

indifferent winter pass into hope.

But winter's no fool and lets

joylessness rule, telling feelings

with cruelty, "Not yet!"







Author's Notes/Comments: 

The essence of sad - slc

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

it's beautiful

the imagery and style were breathtaking, and the emotion was very convincing.

allets's picture

Appreciation Is Warm

From time to time, I stop and write something that has a mellow sound and a corresponding weightiness to hold the reader. Beautiful. How do I agree without sounding vain, but it is and was created to be so. Glad you enjoyed it. Yrpoempalfromthemichiganmitten :S