Before I Go

Vintage Words


Life was just long enough and, if

not done now, in the future when my

breath leaves for a vacation

permanently, I want you to know

a few things.


It was fun mostly and I laughed

a lot. It is time to vacate these

digs. Still, it was beautiful. Life

was a pallet of remembrance;faces

and voices, limbs, and laughs, smirks,

and smiles and the opposite of

wuch good times.


So, I will go when I go

but before I go, one more thing.

It was nice knowing me, wasn't








Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I die, there will be a big celebration. She died? Yeah, yesterday. I'm sorry. She was somethin! (I hope) :D


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bishu's picture

Wasn‘t it nice knowing Bishu ?

That preposterous fellow kept PP humming
The dusty gust of Popeyes poetry coming
Don‘t worry my poet



allets's picture

PostPoem Humming Along Dude

It is so cool knowing you and also having known you. So, do we now write a series: poems from the crypt. For me that would be poems from ashes settling at the bottom of Lake Huron. Me and the zebra muscles will haunt the bottoms of ships. Death will be wet. C U in 2060 on PoemIsle. Will bring poi and discography of islandsounds - :D Stellabydaylite



and_hera_met_zeus's picture

yes, yes it is

very nice knowing you!!! :D  hope ur breath isn't calling its travel agent yet.



allets's picture

Breath Is Staying Home

Too much cold air out there. 'sides, I'm gonna need that breath later. Thanks for the read(s). Hugz :D - Stella.



Daniel-59's picture

You Die before I do I'll Be

You Die before I do I'll Be Kicking your ass back to life. You and SSmoothie are the main reasons I've kept posting My garbage instead of throwing it where it belongs ..Stay around just to see what stupid shit I get into

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

allets's picture

Use Jumper Cables

It is so nice to have worth. SSmoothie is eternal. :S