Vintage Words


For hip or horse

or in a strap hanging

supporting metal

and gunpowder.


Best place to make

others feel fear, holsters.

Best space for feeling

courageous, you wimpy

all your life wannabes.


Invented to allow

humans to be "packing"

to intimidate and cause

fear or serve as the ultimate

warning. There is always

a bigger holster.


Too many with full holsters

think of themselves as the one

hitching a ride to the chamber,

the trigger, the barrel, and

highly laquered handle. Death

will look reallly good, weilded

in style like the wild wild.


Who invented the holster?

It must have a family history,

Probably a distant relative

of the hilt's scabbard or

bayonet's sling. Do they

have those for small








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bishu's picture

You brought back funny schoolday memories

As teenagers we used to but tin guns with popping caps. I used to make holsters out of cloth and sitch them myself. Then I wstuch it on my belt & ptetebd that I was a Wild West Gunslinger with the fastest draw :D. Haw haw thode were the years of carefree abandon. Thanks for the flashback.



allets's picture

Cowboy Classics

Still in the box, imagine what a fake silver toy gun from 1950 would be worth today. We grew up in the heyday of Westerns, Audy Murphy and John Wayne. Pop guns and strips of caps - I remember those. Big fun.  :D slc